Thursday, 8 September 2011

Journal: Learn Something New Every Day

Hi, hi, hi.

First of all, before I launch into the pages I've made in response to the Learn Something New Every Day projects from I'd like to just say thank you to all those who took time to comment on my previous post - the Stampotique layout from the Art from the Heart blog hop.

I received the most comments I've ever had on a post. And I wasn't even giving anything away! I was a little bit overwhelmed at the response. Still am really.

Some of the remarks left in those comments have really got me thinking .... so you should anticipate plenty of future posts arising from all the food for though you gave me and ideally there'd be a series or a class thrown in there too ... but we'll have to see how that goes!

For now, I just wanted to thank you for taking time to let me know you liked my work. I am grateful for each and every comment I receive. Thank you.

OK then onwards ...
Despite [or is it because of] only ever having jobs in the Education sector, I'm not a big fan of the whole 'Back to School' atmosphere.

School holds no great warm memories for me ... but learning ... learning is possibly my favourite thing ever! I don't think I've ranted here recently about how one of the BEST things about my job at University is that I get to sit in on lectures. I attended a full degree's worth of Animation lectures and seminars, have years worth of Games lectures under my belt with a touch of Law, Sociology, Computer Science and Management modules on the side. [But he sooner we forget about that one terrifying hour of Graphical Mathematics ... the better.]

And, as much as I've gate-crashed lots of other people's studies, I've taken plenty of night-classes and Summer courses for myself where I've learned about everything from spreadsheets to screenwriting.

So, to combat the 'Urgh, it's Autumn' feeling I often get and to celebrate my love of life-long learning I decided to join in with Shimelle's LSNED idea. 
I knew there'd be no way I'd have the time, discipline or attention span to make a 'proper' scrapbook page for each day throughout September. So instead I'm filling a 50p notebook with snippets of paper, with journaling blocks and with additional 'bits' and letter stickers or words cut from magazines.

I sat down for a good proportion of last weekend pre-preparing most of my pages, putting in a basic structure of paper etc leaving space to add photos and images and more personalised wording once I sit down to write each day's unique lesson after it happens!

Where I've used photographs they've simply been printed with a PoGo.

Sept 1: 'Wan go beach?'

Sept 2: 'The Hair Cut'
On the pages, like this, where I'm not using a photo, I've turned to the bag of magazine clippings I keep for art journaling to find some of my favourite images:
Sept 3: 'Is it too warm to wear my new boots yet?'
This is the only day I managed to stamp the date upside down, which isn't bad going when I stamped all 30 all in one go:
Sept 4: 'Wow'
Sept 5: 'Project planning'
I hope to blog all 30 entries at some point this month but ... I'm not going to commit myself to that right now ... I'm always re-learning that I ought to "Promise little, but do much".

Which might just make it into today's journal entry ...

Julie :-)


  1. You have more than me done, mine is just pencil notes so far. Yours looks fab.

  2. I really like the notebook idea - it has got that great back to school feel about it.

  3. I love the fact that you have used a notebook. I have always wondered about using them for scrapping but lacked the courage. Would be a great and cheap way for me to try a new style.

  4. I love that you've used a notebook instead of the traditional scrapping - definitely has made LSNED more accessible!!! I love all the pages, and have to agree that prototyping is definitley not a waste of time - even when it feels like it. I have just prototyped a huge project for my OU course!!!! Have a great Thursday xxx

  5. Fab pages and great notebook :0)
    I really should blog the last couple of days.
    Kate x

  6. I LOVE the way this is coming together Julie! I've yet to get scrapping mine, but I think a range of different envelope pages may win out... x

  7. What a terrific style you have to your pages. I learnt something(s) new by looking at them. Thank you.

  8. great pages and notebook.. I am doing something similar with my pages too! u can see more on my blog! Love creating collages with paper! Love love your work girlie! hugs

  9. ALways LOVE your work.. and I haven't even read your super-popular post from the Stampotique blog hop yet.. another treat in store then.. (expect another comment when I do!)

  10. great approach to getting it your entries so far!

  11. The thing i love about scrapbooking is that it doesn't have to be expensive - your pages look great in your school "rough" book (we used to call them rough books at school - your's is anything but rough!lol!) love your style and the magazine cut outs xx

  12. Fab pages, love the way your doing your LSNED too.

  13. Such fun pages in the best scrapbook tradition! When will we get to see the boots? (The haircut in Thirsk is very pretty - is this the new one?).

  14. Thanks ladies! I'm so pleased you like it - I kept changing my mind about using the notebook, so I'm glad I stuck with it now!

    Yes Alexa - that's the new hair. Or at least it's what it looked like the day after the hairdresser blowdried it. My own attempts are not as successful! And the boots must surely be making an appearance soon!

  15. How fun!!! It is so fun to look at your LSNED journal especially since I am using a very similar format! :)

  16. I love this notebook so much I'm certainly tempted to give it a try myself - and I'm sure I'll find a notebook somewhere in my flat as I'm kind of a stationary addict!

  17. Promise Little And Do Much. I need to print that out in large letters and pputit somewhere VERY visible.

    Another here who loves the look of this notebook. I've started trying to do something similar in a sketchbook, just to get me doing SOMETHING every day even if it's just stick a feather in or draw a doodle.

    And I'm not at all surprised at the response to your Stampotique page. Not one jot. I AM surprised you don't get that response more often. Yours is a style I really admire.

  18. Your book looks fantastic, you've turned such a simple book into a work of art! I like how you've got 'lesson 1, lesson 2' etc to mark the days, I might do that next year! x

  19. Very cool journal! I'm stopping by to say hi! I'm Marcia, one of the other contributing editors from Featuring magazine. Congrats!


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