Friday 23 September 2011

It's A Sign: Happy Scrapping

Hi, hi.

Taken on a phone camera from a car window I accept that this isn't the best photo of a sign I've ever taken ... but I love it.

On first glance it's just a promotional banner for a garage - it was a part of the trading-in scheme a couple of years ago which was meant to encourage people to buy new cars for the sake of the economy. So far, so mundane.

But look at that hidden message at the top there:

Happy Scrapping!!

How very nice of the Skoda garage, in the midst of an economic slowdown, to wish me well in my hobby!

Happy 'insert your own hobby here' to you today.

Julie :-)


  1. oh my.. how I love this! thks for sharing this.. it made me smile today as I start my day! love it!

  2. Thank you for the smile! :D Maybe Skoda unknowingly reached a few crafty ladies that way!

  3. Ha! lol, love it, well spotted.

  4. Ha, that's really made me smile! :)


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