Saturday, 24 September 2011

Journal: LSNED Days 12-17

Hi, hi, hi.

I've found a way to make the 'every day' part of Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class work for me ... I don't do it everyday ...

I do make sure to think of that day's lesson on the day, but I save up a week's worth of committing it to paper for the weekend. These next pages have been completed for a week but I just haven't had time to photograph them before today.

Any day now you should expect my annual "Where's all the daylight gone? How am I meant to take photos now?" complaint mode to kick in! It's like I can either go out to work during the day OR I can stay home and make use of those precious daylight hours to photograph all my projects ... but I can't do both!  ;-)

Anywhoooo ... here's the pages I have managed to photograph in the light! There'll be more to come whenever the sun comes back out.

Sept 12: 'My Summer-time Life'

Sept 13: 'Just Ask'

Sept 14: 'Let's Share Toys'
I'm really enjoying creating focal points from the images I'd cut from fashion magazines long before this project, it's definitely helped me keep on track with LSNED. I think if I'd decided to take - and more importantly print off - a new photo each day ... it just wouldn't have got done.

Hey - alongside each day's lesson, maybe I've also learned how this style of art-journal-ish scrappiness really suits my haphazard nature! Do you think I can get extra credit for that homework?

Along with the fashion image this page also features an illustration from my current favourite 'retro kid's book to chop up and stick down' ... of which I have several:

Sept 15: 'Maybe ... September's not so bad.'
When I first decided to take this class it was, in part, to distract me from how much September generally annoys me. But now I'm thinking ... maybe that's not so true any more ... maybe ...

Sept 16: 'Just not for me'
I've never had a job which required me to stay in one place - in fact I rarely spend a day in one building, but one or twice a year I help out with the selection process for the new intake to my current job. Which means I have a room to myself ... and paperwork ... and official 'things' to do.

I love parts of it [ie: the clipboard, putting nervous hopefuls at ease, setting out paper and highlighter pens on desks ...]. But the same four walls? Not for me.
My highlight of the day came while showing one young eager man the way out after the test and his parting words to me were: 'Thank you for having me'.

And suddenly I felt like the host of a children's party!

Sept 17: 'At least we don't spoil two homes'
In one small seaside town we managed to browse around:
  • a secondhand bookshop;
  • a charity shop;
  • an auction room;
  • a vintage shop;
  • a vintage market and
  • 2 church bazaars [where we bought cakes and jam - how stereotypically British was that?!]
Right, I'm going to stop now, so I can get on with completing my LSNED pages for this week.

I'll see you very soon.

Julie :-)


  1. I freakin' love your art journal style pages and, whilst I share your general disdain for Septembers, I'm sort of enjoying this one too. Happy days :)

  2. These pages look amazing. I love the images you've chosen to go with the lessons.
    I went to a vintage/handmade Market today. Bought a pile of vintage kids books to cut up (if I can bring myself to do it!). Also saw shrink plastic pendant with a zebra image on it - thought of you!
    I've also been storing up lessons and putting 4 or 5 in at once, works for me too! X

  3. I love your style of art journalling. Its honest and inspiration to me. Thank you.

  4. These are all fab Julie, how do you do it???

  5. just love your style and humour in your pages ....

  6. Love your pages, I do my pages as this as well... it works for me.. doing a bunch together, love your pages!

  7. Really enjoying your pages! and love the figures and the clothing, and the wonderfully serendipitous nature of the elements. :)


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