Wednesday 21 September 2011

Purple Phase, colour palette 2: With tan + charcoal

Hi, hi.

Thanks for your feedback on the first 'Purple Phase' colour palette I really do hope you'll find them useful in some way.

Throughout the series the colour combinations I'm going to be suggesting will be illustrated with an example from 'real life' ie:
  • something I already wear;
  • a completed card or scrapbook page;
  • a  mix of colours on something I've bought / use / wear.
This way, I feel like I'll actually be sharing sharing something workable, wearable, liveable etc with you. [And to hopefully prove I'm not just talking out of my hat ... because clearly that would have to be a purple hat ... and I don't have one of those.]

I was reassured to read that the first palette Using Purple with Brown + Tan was received well so ... I'm going to try to build on that today with something which is both similar in colourway and also similar in it's non-threatening use of purple. If we were in school this would be your 'consolidation' lesson!

Here's palette 2:
This variation uses a deeper shade than the chalky lavender of last time but I wanted to show how brown and grey can work just as well with a more purple shade of purple!
I used the mid tan colour, the charcoal T-shirt and the wooden beads to help soften and warm up what can be a harsh colour. And here's where the denim comes into it:
I think even though they're quite a bright blue, because they're jeans it's less of a clash and perhaps an easy way-in to wearing purple.
This particular shade is often used for 'dressy' occassions [in fact I bought the cardigan to wear for a party] but I think this colourway shows it can be made to work with a more casual, everyday style.
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins // Jeans: Gap // Boots: by Bertie // Tunic: TopShop // T-shirt: AllSaints

Now, to make this combination translate across to crafty projects, you could consider using any 'difficult' deep purples with:
  • kraft cardstock;
  • kraft tags;
  • woodgrain papers and embellishments;
  • denim-effect papers and embellishments;
  • grey patterned papers and
  • metal embellishments.
And if you do - I'd love to see it!


There's now a 'Purple Phase' Pinterest board where I'll be pinning:
  • all of the colour palettes I've created;
  • my new projects created for this series;
  • examples of inspiring uses of purple I've found around the internet;
And also,
  • projects created and blogged by you;
  • outfits pulled together / worn and blogged by you;
These can be in response to any of the specific palettes or any of the Purple Phase posts in general. Please bear in mind:
  • You must let me know / leave me a comment that you've blogged it;
  • You must have mentioned Purple Phase in your post with a link to my blog.
  • I'm going to be busy in the next few weeks ... so don't be offended if it takes me a while to get round to pinning them.
OK then,  I'll be back soon with a card which may or may not involve purple ... [OK, I confess, it does involve purple ... but I bet you'd already guessed that!]

See you then then.


p.s: [and this has nothing to do with purple] if you like the look of the new BBC3 series The Fades please remember to watch it - it starts tonight! It's written by a friend of mine and I'd love it to be a great success for him.


  1. I was too busy admiring your superb boots to look at the colour palett!!! off now to read your post properly!!!

  2. Nice got to find me something purple in a size 20!......

  3. I'm warming to it considerably :). I have this nice long-sleeved T-shirt and am determined your posts are going to help me find something in my wardrobe to wear it with! Lovely pix of you again ...

  4. Ooh, looks good. Loving the boots! I often like dressing down 'party' clothes too, makes every outfit feel special. You're making me want to try a purple page - I need some kraft cardstock!

  5. You're right would look lovely with some kraft. I have a birthday card to make for a purple loving friend so you've set me thinking.

  6. Completely unrelated to your purple post but I caught up with The Fades in iPlayer last night... LOVE IT! Am already working on theories ;)

    Back to your purple post - I never put so much thought into how I wear purple... probably because I have so much of it in my wardrobe. Love this post, love the cardi and that t-shirt :D So what your purple posts are showing ME is that I need to introduce more colour to my wardrobe APART from purple and black :P


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